Pacific Rim Fishing Charters & Guest Lodge

Our 90 lbs  Guarantee *    applies to  Platinum packages  between June 15 to Sept 15. Each fisherman up to a group of six fishing on one boat is guaranteed 15 lbs a day averaged. Weigh is gross.

Your only condition is all Legal size fish must be retained or guarantee does not apply. Trophy fishing for large Chinooks and Halibut does not qualifies.

For example
* 2 person charter  =  guarantee 30lbs of salmon or halibut
* 3 person charter  =  45 lbs
* 4 person charter  =  60 lbs
* 5 person charter  =  75  lbs
* 6 people charter   =  90 lbs

If you have caught you guarantee we will  KEEP FISHING FOR FREE until you catch it or request to return to port.

Please note, Pacific Rim Fishing Charters has not required additional time to date to secure our  * guarantee! You are in controlIf your offshore fishing trip is cancelled due to weather , you have the option to fish in Barkley sound without a guarantee or we will transfer your fishing reservation up to two calendar years for no additional charge excluding accommodations.


We have the experience and  local knowledge to back up our “Guarantee”  We offer the largest  Sport trolling fishing vessels in Ucluelet ! Just ask any of our customers on Facebook or Twitter or check out our Google posts

We  offer one 24 foot vessel , two 29’s, one 36, one 38 foot vessel and two 39 foot trolling vessels!  What can I say…… we LOVE TO CATCH FISH!  Nobody has the 30 plus years of combined knowledge to catch fish on the west coast of Vancouver Island like us.   Ucluelet has some of the best B.C. salmon & halibut fishing in BC. Ucluelet has become world famous earning the tittle of one of the best fishing destinations on Vancouver Island in the province of British Columbia.

For reservations please click on  Contact form or email  or call toll free at 1-877-871-8771