Pacific Rim Fishing Charters – Ucluelet Fishing Seasons

April to May __ Feeder Chinooks 5 threw 25 lbs,  Chance of Halibut and ling cod, small coho’s
June _________ Chinooks 5 threw 35 lbs  Halibut 10 – 165 lbs coho’s up to 5 lbs

July…… considered peak season,    large Chinooks 15 threw 50 lbs plus,  Halibut 10 threw 165 lbs coho’s up to 14 lbs and some sockeye 4 threw 9 lbs

August….. considered Peak season for the largest  Chinooks 15 threw 57 plus lbs – Coho’s,  5 threw 23 lbs Excellent month for Halibut

September____  Chinooks up 45lbs The best time for largest Coho’s up to 25 lbs and still a excellent month for Halibut

Please keep in mind our Halibut are mainly 10 threw 50 lbs which are the best eating size, but we still catch up to 165 lbs!