Pacific Rim Fishing Charters & Guest Lodge

Our 60 lbs  Guarantee *    applies to   2 & 3 day Platinum packages including accommodations between June 20 to Sept 10. Each Platinum fisherman is guarantee 15 lbs gross a day per person average to maximum of four guests fishing on one boat.

eg. 4 guests x 15 lbs average = 60 lbs a day


Fine Print

All Legal size fish must be retained or guarantee does not apply. Trophy fishing for large Chinooks and Halibut does not qualifies. If you have not retained your guarantee on your Platinum eight hour fishing trip we will continue to fish for free until you catch it or request to return to port. Pacific Rim has yet to stay out more then eight hours to retain our guarantee !


For reservations please click on  Contact form or email  or call toll free at 1-877-871-8771