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Posted Feb 2/16

Hello fellow fisherman

Welcome to Pacific Rim Fishing Charters & Guest Lodge

Department of Fisheries and the SFI is predicting a excellent return in the 2023 season  with more chinooks then last year. This is excellent news for everyone. Kept in mind Ucluelet BC Canada has the largest fish limits in the world . Each person is permitted to retain 8 salmon, two Halibut and three Ling Cods. For our USA customer’s keep in mind your US dollar is at a  all time high. Your strong dollar gives you a 20 to 25 % off discount on our Canadian posted rates.

We are open May 1 threw to Oct 1. Check out our daily catch on Facebook

Feel free to call us toll free at 1-877-871-8771 anytime to answer any questions you may have

Tightlines to all
Glenn Kaczmar
Fishmaster @ Pacific Fishing Charters and Guest Lodge since 1967


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